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Standard Radio Resources:




11/29/2023 update:  I've noticed WEBSDR's site is getting blocked by some browser protection software.  It's because they are using iframes to point to their main site on another server.  If you're having an issue getting to it, go directly to: Because they are doing this, it's also causes some other browser protection applications to ask if you're sure you want to continue to the site.  Just say yes. There's nothing weird going on here.  But times have changed and this is just a really old site, using some HTML forwarding tricks that are no longer deemed "secure" by browser protection software, because there are a lot of phishing attacks that use the same type of forwards... Trust me, there's nothing like that going on here.  WebSDR just needs to update their site.    In the meantime, you can try to get around the block by manually going to that url and possibly telling your browser to allow you to access the site if prompted. 







This site has very good information on what Ham radio is, how to get a license, what type of radio to get, etc.  A good wealth of info here. 

Network Radio Resources:

•  Network Radio: Spaceman's Picks

This portion of the site goes through some of the more popular network radio models and I also give my 2 cents.   

The Zello Zone

Lots of interesting Zello resources here.   Have fun digging around in here :)


This site is in association with the Network Radios channels 00 - EV on Zello.  They offer a very good explanation as to what Network Radio is, guides on how to use Zello, and they even offer custom unbloated firmware for many popular network radios - like the Anysecu N60 for example!


This is a great video explaining in detail what Network Radio is

•  Network Radio Related Posts:

Streaming 2-way Radio Resources

Not many of us can set up a huge antenna tower out back and enjoy picking up distant transmissions from afar. Not many of us can afford expensive scanners to pick up trains, planes, police and more. 

...that is until the world wide web came along, and cool sites like the ones mentioned below were developed. 

The internet has made this world much smaller, and brings it to a computer or device near you. Now you can listen to a police scanner in Chicago. Or local hams talk in Iowa. Or 80 meter hams talk from just about anywhere in the world. All from the comfort of your PC or mobile device. 

I will try to keep this list of sites updated as more come along. 


A WebSDR is a Software-Defined Radio receiver connected to the internet, allowing many listeners to listen and tune it simultaneously. SDR technology makes it possible that all listeners tune independently, and thus listen to different signals; this is in contrast to the many classical receivers that are already available via the internet. 

MOBILE USERS: Unfortunately there's no phone app version of this site to download. If you are trying to access this site on a mobile device, I warn you now, some broadcaster sites are a little clunky, although some do offer a mobile version of their site. Also, you will want to use FireFox. Chrome doesn't handle the audio stream too well. (Live Air Traffic Control) is where you can go to listen to MANY control towers across the globe. Simply search for Airport or ARTCC code or frequency. 

They also offer an app can download on various devices instead of using a web browser (for $3.99)

Listen to train broadcasts from all over the North American continent. 

There is no mobile app for this site yet, however there is a page for mobile users that makes it easy to switch from stream to stream.

Listen to scanner feeds worldwide!

There's also an awesome scanner app for your mobile device called "Scanner Radio" that pulls from this same database.

Radio for Zello

Listen to your favorite Zello channels anonymously!

With Radio for Zello, simply open the app and click on a channel to listen. Click on the channel again when you're done listening. Add your own channel or listen to a popular channel. It's that simple.

Please note that only channels that allow anonymous listeners will work with Radio for Zello.

"Radio for Zello" is not affiliated with Zello.