Network Radio: Spaceman's Picks

PTT Kits

Kyocera DuraForce PRO - Push To Talk (PTT) Car Speaker Kit W/ Universal Phone Cradle


  • Connects to phone with 3.5mm PTT headset jack.

  • Amplified speaker so calls can be heard over vehicle noise.

  • Includes palm mic for simple one touch communication with dispatch and DC groups.

  • Separate volume control so drivers don’t have to adjust phone settings while driving.

  • Includes charger so phone can charge while in cradle.

  • Driver can easily disconnect phone and use outside vehicle.

  • Pre-assembled for easy installation.


  • 10 Watt Amplifier/Palm Mic Adapter

  • Palm microphone

  • Loud Speaker

  • Arkon® 4" pedestal (6" pedestal optional)

  • Arkon® universal phone holder

  • Custom mounting bracket

  • Hardwire kit or CLA Power Adapter & Cables

  • Pre-assembled

Spaceman's 2 cents:
I first saw this and said "woah! what's that?!?!?" It definitely caught my eye. I don't know much about this thing, but it does leave me with questions..
What I do know is:
* there seems to only be one website that carries this.
* it's WAY overpriced. The website lists it at $249.90 - which leaves you thinking you can simply get a decent network radio for a fraction of that price.
* the site specifically says it's made for the Kyocera Duo Force Pro (1).

The questions I now have are:
* Will it work for the Duo Force Pro 2?
* Will it work for any phone with a 3.5 audio jack?
* Why is it so #!@#$% expensive? I feel like I can piece something like this together for 80 bucks.