posted by 433 Spaceman, 5/2/2018

Is This a Custom Zello Rom?

Nope! You could do this too if you have a split screen Android:



Cool huh? This is just a little something that I put together one night while I couldn't sleep.

This is just basically just a split screen with Zello running on one side, and an app called Overlays taking up the other half of the screen. Works in portrait or landscape.

Overlays is a cool little app that will overlay 1 or more widgets on the screen. I used it to neatly stack a bunch of useful widgets together, including 2 assigned Zello PTT buttons so I can quickly key up on favorite channels when the other the half of the screen is focused on another channel or on another app.

The sound meter and spectrum analyzer widgets are from from an app called Music VU. I wish I could find old school analog style vu meter widgets, but haven't been able to . Haven't looked that hard yet tho. If anyone knows of an app, let me know! Has to be able to load into a widget tho.