posted by 433 Spaceman, 6/2/2018

Zello Update Wish List


Need it:

  • The ability to un-mute certain channels or contacts in Busy or Solo mode. Currently, Busy mode mutes everything and solo mode mutes all but the channel or contact you are focused on in the app. (an ignore Busy mode and ignore Solo mode switch)
  • A way to sort and group the list of channels I'm subscribed to. And an option to mute, unmute, connect, disconnect every channel in a specific group.
  • A way to sort and group contacts. And an option to mute, un-mute every contact in a specific group.
  • A "Channel 19" - basically a channel for local traffic only which would be based off of location. Everyone world wide can be logged into the channel - however, only people within 30, 40, or even 50 miles of one another will hear each other. Once someone is "out of range", they would simply vanish from the list of people in the channel.
  • Priority Channels - so that if you are logged into multiple channels, if someone keys up on a priority channel, it will interrupt a current transmission from a non priority channel.
  • A way to block group chats. Or at least confirmation dialog to allow the group chat so that you are not just automatically thrown into a shit storm.

Would be nice:

  • Linked Channels. If the owners of 2 different channels link to each other, it will merge users from each channel into "1 channel". Maybe give the option to link up to 5 channels. Users should see a chain link image somewhere overtop the channel image, and when looking at the channel profile, you can see which channels it's linked to. Would be useful for brining 2 different "worlds" together - or maybe even jumpstarting a new "sister" channel.
  • (Android) Screen Pinning doesn't currently work with Zello - Zello gets stuck on the home screen and you are not able to get to contacts or channels.
  • Custom sound effect setting for channel admins to set for when someone gets bounced or blocked from channel. The whole room would hear the sound
  • A third timer setting for admins in channel
  • Instead of seeing the word "You" under your own name, it would be nice to see your current status message like it does with all other users
  • would be nice to see ALL status messages - not just contacts....
  • Under custom alert sounds, there's a new option that's been recently added called "Missed Conversation". Currently if enabled, it will make a sound if you are in busy mode and someone keys up and talks. But it doesn't work if you are in available mode and somebody keys up on a muted channel. To me, it should still make a sound because it's still a missed conversation. Also, it would be nice if it only made sounds every minute or so when there's activity and not every key up.
  • Bring the supplied custom sounds (only available in iOS) to Android!!
  • Bring the camouflage skin to ANDROID!!
  • More skins
  • Allow Custom skins