posted by 433 Spaceman, 7/10/2018

Cloning Zello (Multiple Instances)

So there's an app out there that will let you clone just about any app out there so that you can run multiple instances of it.

So what is this good for?

Here's MY scenario.. I have these 3 zello apps running at the same time on the same device:

  • Main Zello App: I use the normal Zello app with my main user account where all my normal channels and contacts are.
  • Cloned Zello App #1: This has another one of my user accounts logged in which has is logged into a bunch of emergency channels
  • Cloned Zello App #2: This has yet another one of my user accounts which is logged into some family channels.

Why am I running 3 instances of Zello at the same time?

Because there may be times that I want to look "Busy" to my normal contacts in the main zello app, but still leave the other 2 accounts active so that I look "Available" to them and those channels WON'T be muted.

Or sometimes, I may only want the family channels active and the other 2 sets of channels muted and appear "busy" to them.

The downside of this, is I have to manage 3 separate user accounts, which isn't too big of a deal

If you would like to run multiple instances of Zello, you can download and install these APK's that I've created:

  • Zello 911 - I use this one for emergency channels only, but you can use it for whatever you want
  • Zello 24/7 - I use this one for family channels that I hardly ever log out of
  • Zucking Around - just another one I use from time to time to log into another account for whatever reason

But the app cloner app mentioned above will let you clone one app for free. I believe the full version is around $3 and will let you clone as many as you want. You can rename the app whatever you want and change or update the app's icon to whatever you want it to be. But if you're just interested in Zello and don't care about what it's named or what the icon looks like you can use the versions I posted above.