posted by 433 Spaceman, 7/11/2019

More Tinkering with the Zello Experience

Overlays (Download from the Play Store)


I just used the Overlays app again to make a new custom layout for Zello - this time, it takes up the full screen.

The downside of making a full screen one like this is you can't see the zello users or history while you're talking. The other problem is you can't change channels either.

However, I set it up to appear when I long press the Home button. It also disappears when I long press the home button as well. So if I need to access Zello real quick, it's not a problem.

Besides, it's worth the trouble just to have the meters, as well as the large PNR image with the sound meter inside of it.

Also, about the green button you see there: it only turns green when someone in channel is keying up and talking. It turns red when I transmit.

To see it in action, check out the videos below. Best if you watch them in full screen.



(Video - Part 1)

(Video - Part 2 - better quality)