posted by 433 Spaceman, 12/17/2019

The Future of Zello may no longer depend on Cellular or Home WiFi alone

One of the conversations that keeps coming up is the fact that Zello only works on the internet.

  • What happens when when the sh*t hits the fan and cellular and wifi get knocked out?
  • What happens when you're driving through the middle of nowhere and there's no cellular signal

Enter Starlink!

For anyone that's not familiar with what Starlink is, check this video out:

The only downfall is Astronomers say this will disrupt the night sky, although Musk did say the next batch of satellites to go up will not be so reflective

See the "Starlink Train" in the sky:

This technology will make the world even smaller, and open a new door for apps like Zello.

Service to the public should begin in 2020: