posted by 433 Spaceman, 3/4/2020

5/8/2020 UPDATE: Custom sounds are back, and they are working pretty well. Screen rotation lock is back as well. Still waiting on the lock-down options to return.

12/29/2022 UPDATE:Lock-downs never did return to the app :/


The newest version of Zello is HOT GARBAGE

Anyone that has updated to Zello 4.85 or 4.86 might find a few surprises.

  1. Zello did away with custom notification sounds. --- so if you tricked your zello out to sound like a real walkie talkie, well now you have to deal with their crappy stock sounds, or no sounds at all.

  2. Zello did away with locking parts of the application out --- so if you have a kid that gets on family only channels, you can no longer lock them out from creating or finding new channels, accepting contact requests, sending contact requests, etc.

  3. Zello for some reason did away with the screen rotation lock setting. This one isn't a big deal since you can lock your rotation setting in the system settings.. . But you didn't used to have to go through the trouble.

  4. Supposedly the accessibility options are not quite right either --- Jim (V01RV) reported to us that the newest version of Zello was "wacking out" all over the place. Like menus appearing nd disappearing, channels changing for no reason, etc. I didn't see any of this first hand, but the only difference is he had accessibility options turned on. As soon as he installed an older version, he had no issues.

This is the type of shit that makes me want to hire a programmer and make my own app.

So..... If you are like me and want to continue to use the features that were STOLEN from us, feel free to download one of these following versions of Zello:


  • You will need to uninstall any older version you already have installed when going back to the old version. This will mean you will need to log in again, so don't forget your user/pass before attempting this!!!!!

  • Remember you will need to allow the install to take place from "unknown" sources.

  • You will also want to turn off automatic updates in your Google Play Store settings.

  • THESE APKs ARE CLEAN.. I personally had these installed and exported them from my own personal devices. They have not been doctored in ANY way.

  • I'm currently running 4.80 on my Anysecu N60, Kyocera Dualforce Pro II, and my backup phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 - and they are all 3 running great.