posted by 433 Spaceman, 9/30/2019

Anysecu N60 Screen Rotation

So I bought an Anysecu N60 several months ago. One thing that's been driving me crazy is the screen. It starts to go dark when you move to the left of the radio, and it gets brighter as you move to the right of the radio. The problem is I'm always to the left of the radio - whether I'm in the truck driving, or if the radio is sitting on my desk at home.. So needless to say, it makes it hard to read the screen at a glance without having to move my head over to the front of the radio.

To get around this issue, I flipped the radio and mounted it upside down. At first, I tried to go into the radio's Android settings, and allow screen rotation, but not all apps properly rotated upside down. So then I downloaded Rotation Control from the play store, and I forced the screen to rotate 180 degrees.



Turns out, it worked great!! When I first turn on the radio, the Anysecu logo is upside down, but as soon as the Rotation Control app loads, the screen will flip around and all apps comply with Rotation Control's setting.

I'm not too crazy about the mic wire draping down in front of the volume control, but it only does that on the desk. In the truck, the radio is mounted low and the mic mounted high, so that works out great as well.

Just letting everyone that has an N60 that it is an option to mount the radio completely upside down and it will work just fine.

The pic below shows the N60 in the truck. This was taken before I flipped the radio upside down. But you can see with the mic mounted high, it would stay out of the way of the volume knob once the radio is flipped upside down.